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Theresa Casey & The Etching Series: Part 3

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After discussing the latest market trends and influences behind the Etching Series in Part #1 and Part #2 of our feature on designer and Silestone Trendspotter Theresa Casey, let’s have a look at Theresa’s predictions on how and where these new colours – Ink and Aquatint take their place in home design.

The combination of Silestone and Dekton together in one surface makes the Etching Series unique, but also offers interesting colour combinations for a multitude of design applications. Theresa says the series has modern urban design written all over it. She believes the black and white finish of Ink pairs beautifully with crackled black and white subway tile paired with lacquered cabinets. This could be the perfect element to spark creativity for a new kitchen or bathroom design and is already inspiring designers to play with strong visual texture.


Aqua is a hot colour trend in the design world right now and Theresa thinks designers and homeowners alike will quickly embrace the eye-popping colour. The possibilities for such a universal colour seem endless. “It’ll be great for bathroom and vanity applications in both residential and commercial spaces. I immediately envisioned this colour in a laundry room, children’s space or even in a kitchen with turquoise cabinets,” explained Theresa when asked about her vision for Aquatint. Design is becoming increasingly daring and it’s all about layering more colours and textures. Pops of colour is a trend that is gaining popularity especially in commercial spaces and hospitality. Aquatint is destined to be featured in a number of different settings – both commercial and residential.

Theresa says she’s inspired by how adventurous her clients are. “They are always embracing bold patterns and hues. There hasn’t been anything like the Etching Series for quite some time, and my clients are ready for it.”

The desire for adventurous design is part of the reason why homeowners hire interior designers in the first place. They are looking for help to turn a daring vision into a beautifully designed reality. This is a large part of why Theresa gets such satisfaction out of being an interior designer. “Designers are able to hone in on what makes their client’s aesthetic truly unique and bring their ideas to life in a way that brings them joy each day.”

We can already see how Ink and Aquatint are inspiring designers and homeowners across Canada. The Trendspotters are now on to their next challenge. Stay tuned!



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