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3 concepts to decorate a kitchen with a white floor

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White Porcelain tile

Decorators from all the around the world opt for a white floor in the kitchen because of its refinement, the purity it symbolizes and because white matches any decorative style. Displayed in this post are different types of floors from which you can choose the one best suited for your project.


White floor in the kitchen: What are the different types?

Looking to put a white floor in your kitchen? Many types are available. Hereunder, we’ll describe its main characteristics so you know which one to choose.

1. Stoneware

Stoneware, or ceramic, is the traditional kitchen floor, which looks like a red body tile. Amongst stoneware notable advantages is its low porosity composition, which turns out to be very practical in a kitchen as it is a sturdy easy to clean material.

2. White Porcelain tile

Thanks to its low porosity, its large format and the variety of its patterns, the porcelain floor has earned a well-deserved place in kitchen designs of any style. To be more specific, the Dekton floors are known to offer the most high-end range of this type of floors:

  • They are super-compact.
  • Their large sizes allow for endless design possibilities.
  • It is also very resistant to scratches, stains, heath and abrasion.

3. Madera

Wood is undisputed rustic style’s main character. Even if some think that wooden floors in the kitchen can deteriorate faster, if it is well cared for and made of a high-quality laminated wood, there is no reason this would happen. You can however opt for easier maintenance options, like the one offered by the Wild by Dekton collection; inspired by wood, but with an increased longevity and durability.

4. Micro-concrete

The industrial style trend has also invaded the kitchens. If you are planning to go for this style for your kitchen, choosing floors and walls made of micro-concrete is ideal to create clean looking continuous surfaces.

3 kitchens with a white floor: 3 different styles

Modern design

White Porcelain tileWhite Porcelain tile – Counter, color Unsui, Silestone by Cosentino


In this modern style kitchen, stainless steel is a key feature: It can be found on the powerful central fans, on the central island, the stools legs and even on the lights. The designer chose a white floor to perfectly match with the metallic and taupe tones of the decoration.

New Nordic

White Porcelain tileWhite Porcelain tile – Counter, color Charcoal Soapstone, Silestone, by Cosentino

The white floor’s large size perfectly fits with the light wood ceilings, the furniture and the black kitchen island (A Silestone Charcoal Soapstone which instills a natural feel to the room). Each element is a distinctive feature of this new Nordic style kitchen, resulting in a captivating room.


Modern and functional

White Porcelain tileWhite Porcelain tile – Counter, color Coral Clay, Silestone by Cosentino

Combined with white, wood is always a safe choice. Taking this modern and functional kitchen as an example, we can see how the white canvas brought the elements of the wood together, creating a clever balance between warm and cold.

Looking for a more minimalistic concept, a Nordic touch, or simply, updating your kitchen to a modern aesthetic, white floor is the best option because it brightens up the room, making it look more spacious. Did these 3 ideas inspire some future projects?


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