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Shower cabins: The ideal solution to design a more practical bathroom

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shower cabin

The bathroom, just like any other rooms of the 21st century houses, has evolved to become a more practical space, adapted to homes new dimensions and the needs of those who live in them. The traditionals massive bathtubs have been replaced by shower cabins, which fit in more easily with the bathrooms new proportions, without compromising on comfort and performances.

Discover in this article what types of shower cabins there are and where it is ideally located in the bathroom.

Why should you replace the bathtub for a shower cabin?

shower cabin

Bathroom with a wooden and white shower

One of the main reason to consider switching from a bathtub to a shower cabin are the savings made on water consumption, which are estimated to approximately 70%. A substantial figure on a monthly invoice and an advantage for the environment.

Another important aspect is based on taking advantage of the space available after getting rid of the bathtub. The standard-size shower cabins take up much less space, so considerable space is recovered to set up other elements, like extra furniture with room for storage for example.

Safety has also become a main factor when opting for a shower instead of a bathtub. After a certain age, it becomes more complicated to get in a bathtub than in a shower, which is also safer.

Design and functionality in the bathroom

Selecting the most adequate model to complete your bathroom will depend on if you are going to replace the bathtub for a shower cabin and keep the rest as a restroom or if you decide to completely upgrade the bathroom. In the first case, you should seek a model that will harmoniously blend in with the decorative style of the other elements while, if you opt for a complete overhaul, you will be able to choose between the wide range of concepts and designs with infinite features.

The best location

shower cabin

Bathroom with rectangular shower

With smaller-sized bathrooms, the usual solution that will allow you to optimally take advantage of the space is to install the shower cabin or tray in one of the bathroom’s corner. It allows you to exploit the old bathtub setting and for the installation to be faster and cost-effective.

For medium or large-sized bathrooms: selecting a double shower or an embedded cabin and, in the case of certain surfaces, with a lot of space available, you will even be able to enjoy both elements; a freestanding bathtub and a shower cabin, so you can choose the most appealing option for your bathroom, according to your plan.

The shower cabin enclosures

A good enclosure or screen means that the shower tray’s interior sealing has to be flawless because selecting a model that avoids water leaks will add value to your shower cabin.

shower cabin

Bathroom with shower and bathtub in grey and white shades

In addition to the doors, which can be hinged, sliding, corners, etc., you can design crystal fixtures or in other materials, with which you can create an intimate space tailored to your needs and favorite decorative style.

Types of shower trays

shower cabin

Bathroom with shower cabin, cladding and rectangular shower tray, color Rougui from Silestone

There are many  types of custom shower trays of different sizes; the most common are:

  • Porcelain: they’re the most traditionals and are available in different sizes and formats, from 60 x 60 cm to 90 x 90 cm, squared models, rectangular pieces up to 140 cm x 70 cm and corner posts.
  • Acrylic: similar in sizes, design and form to the ones in porcelain, they are although made of a lighter material. They’re available in white or in coatings imitating other types of materials like wood, slate, stone, etc. They can be mounted or niched.
  • Resins: these shower trays are replacing the traditional ceramic trays with custom synthetic materials. They can be cut according to the measurements of the space available and the drainage can even be installed where you need it. They can also be tainted with stunning colors like green, blue, lilac, grey, etc.

The models of quartz designed bySilestone can be manufactured in some surprising dimensions which are completely customizable, up to 120 cm x 300 cm and available in a wide range of colors available in the company. Moreover, the shower tray’s surface includes many smooth sandblasted strips which grant them the best anti-sliding qualification.

  • Custom: designing a custom shower cabin is ideal to be able to choose from the multiple alternatives of materials for both the flooring and the cladding, allowing for a seamless integration with the other elements of the bathroom.

shower cabin

Bathroom with a shower and flooring, color Makai by Dekton

In any case, we are talking about a choice which various possibilities and options it offers deserve to be well-studied, so you can design the trendiest bathroom featuring all the benefits that you can expect from an item with these characteristics..

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