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Types of kitchen countertops: Best materials for your kitchen countertop.

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If you are thinking of remodelling your kitchen, the best way to get to know in details the best materials for your type of kitchen countertop is through this guide, which will explore your options so your kitchen gleams with design and functionality.

Like with other countertops, the kitchen countertop is one of the essential elements for enjoying an efficient and practical kitchen; you therefore have to select a material that is heat-resistant, insulating, and easy to clean.

Super-compact surfaces – one of the best options.

The super-compact Dekton surfaces is ideal to create a kitchen that visually and practically stands out, thanks to this material’s properties making it one of the most resistant to stain, heat, and fire-resistant. It is also highly resistant to scuffs, scratches, and ultraviolet rays, etc. Those are essential aspect to create your dream’s kitchen. Opt for this material for the kitchen backsplash and countertops and you will create a uniform and attractive space with practically no joints, one of the latest 21st century trends in kitchens design.There is a wide range of coatings, colors and textures that are ideal for all decorating styles, from the most traditional to the most contemporary; industrial, Nordic or for rustic designs, etc.

Additionally, if you’re aiming for an even look, you can install the same type of surface on your kitchen floor, a great option for rooms where performance and design are key.



Quartz – Attractive and practical

kitchen island table

Choose a Silestone’s kitchen countertop, a high-quality surface composed of 94% Natural Quartz, and enjoy its upscale benefits including: great robustness for everyday use, high resistance to dents, and low porosity, making it one of the best materials for your kitchen backsplash, as well as countertop.

You’ll create a homogenous design layout while keeping the number of joints to a minimum, and being able to choose from a variety of finishes and textures, and endless different colors.

Stainless steel – functional and resistant.

kitchen island table

This is another practical type of kitchen countertop thanks to its high resistance to heat and humidity, which are essential characteristics in an environment like the kitchen. Although being used for countertops, it’s a material that is easy to clean, but scratches easily.

It is offered with different coatings, mainly polished or brushed, and can be used to cover the entire cooking and backsplash area.

Natural stone – beauty and sophistication.

kitchen island table

Robust and clean options, marble and slate are very elegant and can be installed as large slabs or paving stones, though the latter will create many joints. If you like this kind of finish, you can also choose to use surfaces that imitate the texture of natural stone, such as Dekton’s Natural Collection: Aura 15, Kairos, and Entzo, which all imitate the texture of marble, combining the most practical aspects of this type of super-compact surfaces and the beauty of natural stone.



Tiles – trendy traditional style

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One of the most used options, especially in traditionally designed kitchens, because of its sturdiness and being easy to clean; tiles nevertheless tend to attract dirt due to their large number of joints. ‘Subway’ tiles are now one of the latest fashions, especially in Nordic, eclectic, or vintage style kitchens. You’ll find them with or without bevel, with matt or shiny finish, often displayed horizontally.

Tempered glass – color in the kitchen.

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Easy to maintain, resistant to heat and humidity, tempered glass countertops are offered in a multitude of colors and different coatings, such as shiny or matt, opaque, lacquered, or tinted. However, you should keep in mind to opt for a high-quality glass if you go for this type of kitchen countertop, making sure it doesn’t break easily.

Washable paint – quick and affordable.


Although this is an easy to apply and affordable option, it is not as resistant as other materials. For a more performant coating, you’ll need to properly prep the surface you intend to paint, applying an insulating layer and at least two layers of paint.

Wood – cozy and comfortable.

kitchen island tables

This is an option that instills warmth and personality to your kitchen, which can also sometimes be used for your backsplash. However, it is not suited to resist the heat generated in the cooking area; it should therefore only be used in the other areas.

If you like this type of coating, you can select one of the colors that imitate the texture of natural wood of the signature Dekton super-compact surfaces, from the Wild Collection: Valterra, Borea, Makai, or Aldem. You’ll then enjoy the warmth, the look, and comfort of wood, without compromising on the high performance and benefits offered by this technical material, such as resistance to: heat, stains, fire, scratches, scuffs, etc.

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