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New Design Trends Fitting for our New Normal

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Industry trends evolve with our changing world, developing over time to meet the demands of the landscape and clients. The onset of the coronavirus pandemic in early Spring has kicked this natural process into high gear. With families retreating into the safety of their homes, they also started reevaluating their spaces and taken steps to optimize them to accommodate our new normal.

Stay-at-home orders have inspired people to look at their outdoor spaces in a different light and take advantage of them in a way they haven’t before. Renowned designer and president of Nar Design Group, Nar Bustamante, has seen a desire to create outdoor entertainment spaces in the home, equipped with fully functional kitchens and leisure areas. Outdoor kitchens are moving away from secondary kitchens, and are taking a primary position in remodeling considerations. “Clients are requesting larger, better accessorized [outdoor] kitchens which more closely resemble the function of a normal indoor kitchen,” Bustamante explains. He has also seen a rise in the desire for shade structures to create entire outdoor entertainment areas, a much-needed oasis from the “work from home” scenario many have been faced with since March.

Bustamante also draws attention to the increased importance of cleanliness and hygiene to ward off unwanted bacteria, especially during a pandemic. The use of Dekton allows him to provide a material for clients that is stain and scratch-resistant, can be used outdoors, is easy to clean, and does not absorb any bacteria. “We have been installing Dekton by Cosentino for all our projects since the material launched over five years ago and now it is paying off big time,” he expressed while also highlighting how the vast variety of Dekton colors allows for consistency between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Our world is rapidly changing, and design trends are changing along with it, which brings to the forefront the importance of equipping your home with versatile, high-quality, and beautiful materials. The coronavirus pandemic is yet another example of the importance of adapting and evolving, being open to change, and constantly reinventing ourselves to thrive in a fluid environment.

Read the full scoop in Bustamante’s exclusive column below.

Hi beautiful people!

I can write about all sorts of things in this column; however, I think we are all hungry and fascinated by the impact on design COVID will cause to our future experiences. I am focusing on some very interesting design trends that i’ve seen emerge since we all had Stay-at-home orders in the early spring.

First there has been a big gravitation to take the kitchen/entertaining spaces outdoors. In the last month alone, we have had two contracts for outdoor kitchens. Clients are requesting larger, better accessorized kitchens which more closely resemble the function of a normal indoor kitchen. The traditional stucco structure to hold a BBQ and sink is a thing of the past. In combination with outdoor kitchens clients are requesting shade structures for outdoor gathering and dining to create an entire outdoor entertainment space. People used to think of outdoor kitchens as secondary to the main kitchen and now there is a strong shift to making the outdoor kitchen have a more primary position in the remodeling considerations. With the ability to dine out diminished, people are wanting to create retreats of their own at home to give them a rest from the indoor “work-from-home” scenarios which have been the reality for most over the past several months.

A big consideration is also cleanliness, and this is where we were ahead of the curve with countertop surfaces. We have been installing Dekton by Cosentino for all our projects since the material launched over 5 years ago and now it is paying off big time. Dekton is stain proof, scratch proof, and can be used outdoors. This means people concerns with COVID sanitation of surfaces can trust the counter is not absorbing any bacteria and is easy to clean. Since people want their outdoor kitchens to resemble their interior kitchen, Dekton surfaces can be specified in a variety of color options that keep the design aesthetic consistent to the interior.

Lastly, large format workstation sinks are at the top of the list. The Galley Workstation offers sizes from 2’ to 7’ wide with coordinating accessories and outdoor safe finishes. The reason these are so sought after now, outside of the huge practical and innovative workflow solutions, is that they are now also acting as decontamination centers for fresh foods coming into the home. One cannot just place things on the counters anymore. Everything needs to be wiped down and washed prior to handling and consumption. With more food being prepared at home, cooking is becoming a shared activity. Two people can easily work at a workstation to clean, prep, and entertain which keeps the kitchen, (whether inside or outside) clean and organized.
In conclusion, it’s all about the backyard retreats, easy to clean indoor and outdoor surfaces, and areas to decontaminate to keep our families safe, and enjoying meal preparation together.

Live life loving those around you, live life without judging others, and live life with passion. Every day is special no matter the hardship. We are all in this together! Thrive.

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