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Best-selling color of the rustic series

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Silestone rustic kitchen

Perhaps the space in the home that has the most potential to create a rustic style in is the kitchen, whether you live in the country or the city. Combine your wooden furniture with a Silestone countertop in an ivory, earthenware, or red finish. Our choice is Silestone Marfil from the Eternal Collection, as well as Royal Reef and Rougui, from the Basiq Collection. Finish off your countertop with a functional XXL stone sink, wicker baskets, and brass lamps, and the rustic effect is guaranteed.

Rustic Gallery

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Eternal Marfil

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A bathroom with rustic charm

Another space where rustic decoration can be used in small accents is the bathroom. Fall in love with the Eternal Collection by Silestone for wall and floor cladding, especially in Pearl Jasmine. Get a classic bath with legs and look for a solid countertop with built-in sink. Our choice is the Reflection and Symmetry vanities, which can be adjusted to any length.

Silestone also allows you to design your shower tray in the same material as the flooring and tiling of your rustic style bathroom. You can choose from up to six different models available in all Silestone colors.

Rustic colors

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Dekton and the rustic style

Although Dekton is state-of-the-art technology designed for the latest architecture, it also has versions that allow you to recreate a rustic decorative style. If what you want is a beautiful beige color for your floor and walls, we recommend Dekton Danae and Edora from the Natural Collection. If your furniture is neutral and made of stripped wood, try a 100% recycled Dekton Trilium volcanic-looking countertop.

If you are looking for a material that imitates wood to achieve a totally rustic look, choose one of the finishes from the Wild Collection. We love the striped shade of Makai Decapé and the worn oak look of Aldem.

Rustic style decorating tips

Cosentino offers limitless options to achieve a rustic décor in your living room, kitchen, or bathroom, from cladding to countertops, vanities to shower trays:

  1. Opt for beige or cream materials to create a welcoming foundation on which to place other finishes, in earthy or brown tones reminiscent of wood.
  2. Whenever possible, combine your Cosentino cladding with original architectural features of your home: exposed wooden beams, iron pillars, brick walls, or exposed stone.
  3. Remember that to decorate in a rustic style you do not need to live in the country, nor does your whole house need to have a very marked look. The space that suits best for a rustic décor is undoubtedly the kitchen.
  4. Always opt for technologically efficient and sustainable materials. The 21st-century rustic style does not have to mean old or uncomfortable. Both Silestone and Dekton offer you many solutions for decorating in a rustic style while also being hygienic, functional, and durable.
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