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Urban-Industrial Style

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All-black elegance in an urban style bathroom with a vintage touch

In this bathroom, black takes center stage through a design in which the cladding, sink, and countertop work together to create a space evoking urban elegance.

Otherwise dominated by an urban style, black is used for the cladding, countertop, sink, and mirror. The designer has also incorporated vintage details reminiscent of bygone times. These subtle touches, which can easily go unnoticed if you don't look closely - such as the carved mirror frame, the cruciform taps, or the herringbone floor - add personality.

A personal, urban style with classic references and the most technologically innovative materials.

The designer has used large-format slabs in Dekton® Eter for the cladding, creating uninterrupted walls with almost no joints, thereby saving on cutting.

Dekton® Eter is part of the Natural Collection. It has the look of granite and works perfectly indoors and outdoors.

The Symmetry sink, in Silestone® Iconic Black, is placed on the countertop, creating a contemporary design. In contrast to the large countertop, its small size and arrangement, angled to the left, provides interesting asymmetry in the bathroom.

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1 - Countertop and wall cladding in Dekton® Eter
2 - Symmetry sink by Silestone® Iconic Black

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