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Minimalistic style

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Functionality and formal rigor: less is more

A suite with a bathroom and bedroom in one area. For this project, the interior designer needed a material that would both provide the required sense of continuity while also working well in wet areas. Thanks to the use of large-format Dekton® Strato slabs on the floor, the two areas become one

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Neutral colors and simple lines are key in this bathroom where everything has been carefully designed

The second big success of the project is the matte white wall that separates the bathroom from the bedroom, and where the vanity is situated. The sink, which is integrated into the countertop, features a cantilever design and a made-to-measure basin with the same width as the wall. Neutral colors and simple lines are key in this bathroom where everything has been carefully designed.

This wonderful, extra-large and integrated sink goes by the name of Elegance and is available in all Silestone colors. In this case, the color chosen was Silestone® White Zeus, which highlights the minimalist design of the space.

This practical and timeless bathroom is the result of combining clever design with two neutral and complementary materials.

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1 - Countertop in Silestone® White Zeus
1 - Countertop in Silestone® White Zeus 2 - Elegance tailor-made sink in Silestone® White Zeus 3 - Floor cladding in Dekton® Strato
3 - Floor cladding in Dekton® Strato

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